Monday, September 29, 2003

King Crimson / Living Colour - Denver, Colarado date
Fillmore Auditorium - Denver, CO
November 5, 2003 - 7:00PM Mountain
All dates, acts and ticket prices are subject to change without notice. All tickets are subject to applicable taxes, and service and handling charges.
Doors open 6:00PM
On sale October 4, 2003 - 10:00AM
General Admission : $ 30.00
General Admission - Day of Show : $ 35.00
$2.50 facility fee included in ticket price. Ages 16+ with valid ID only.

Another CollideØscope Review
With a Bush in the White House and a war under foot, it seems almost natural that Living Colour has returned to point out their problems with it all. Old-school late eighties political soap boxing takes up a lot of Collideoscope, the bands first album since 1993's Stain, and continues that album's darker, anti-Time's Up feel with a focused attack of proto-industrial electronic swagger brought on by the fusion-schooled string section of Vernon Reid and Doug Wimbish (the album's Executive Producer). On "A ? of When," Living Colour best exhibits their singular brand of hard rock: samples creep in from the sides, the uber-capable rhythm section fits the speakers like a hippo in a baby crib, weirdo sounds created by hand-me-down instruments from NASA perpetrate the air, and Vernon Reid creates a tight, muddy-sounding riff over the post-9/11 paranoid vocals of Corey Glover. It's a far cry from "Cult of Personality," and much farther from anything the radio would touch with the proverbial ten-foot pole. The sense of humor is still there, though, with "Operation Mind Control" being an over-the-top spout against the government's adoration for all things Patriot Act-y, and "Back in Black" isn't as bad as you would expect, with Glover doing his best Brian Johnson. Fans will praise Collideoscope and hold it close to their hearts--it rocks in the way only Living Colour can.

Prague, 9/28/03 fan review
*thanks filip!!!!

The first ever Prague (and the first ever proper Czech Republic) gig in the Lucerna Music Hall was absolutely mindblowing. True! Although the sound intensity sometimes threatened to demolish the building and everything in it, the music and the spirit of the group left no doubt as to what our favorite colour of the evening was. Living Colour version 2003 is nothing short of a strong team of four master musicians working towards the common aim (y'know best what I mean, no need for explanations & superlatives..). And they still have much to say. Within the two solid hours they took us through the new album, added a host of good old classics (Cult of Personality, Type, Ignorance is Bliss, Elvis is Dead, Time's Up among others) and Doug even got the chance to revoke his previous two visits with Jungle Funk with an astonishing rendition of Trance. The first encore saw the band storming in the much-called-for Love Rears Its Ugly Head, followed by Jimi Hendrix's Cross Town Traffic during which Corey climbed up onto the balcony, danced right through the whole section while singing, and after crossing the whole room returned to the stage to join his brothers in sound. Not for long, though. At the end of the song he stagedived into the cheering crowd and was soon followed by the rest of the band! And then there were very long thank-yous, handshakes, big fives and goodnights.

The end.

But after a lot of loud insistence they came back again to say the real Bye with Memories Can't Wait/What's Your Favorite Color.So, do take my advice: When they play near you, don't miss them. Living Colour are back from the dead and more alive then ever. It's energy, it's mastery and it's a musical treat. You don't have the tickets yet? You FOOOOOOOLS!!!!!

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