Friday, August 01, 2003

Living Colour Press Release

Press Release:
Grammy award winning artistes Living Colour release their long awaited new album Collideoscope through Mayan Records / Sanctuary on September 22nd. Co-founder of the Black Rock Coalition, Vernon Reid formed Living Colour in the mid 80's - one of the few hard rock bands comprised of all black members, yet with the talent and eclecticism to inject everything from punk and alternative to funk, jazz, soul and rap into their sound.

Creating a buzz on the New York underground, Living Colour won the support of Mick Jagger and went on to debut to massive critical acclaim in 1988 with 'Vivid' and the smash single/video 'Cult Of Personality', taking the album to number 6 in the US charts, platinum certification and the first of several Grammy Awards. A string of dates opening stadiums for the Rolling Stones' first US tour in eight years supported the release.

After sweeping the board in several Best New Band awards in such magazines as Rolling Stone, 'Time's Up' was released in 1990, resulting in the UK hit single 'Love Rears It's Ugly Head'. The band split in 1995, deciding to head in their own musical directions. Critically acclaimed solo efforts from each Living Colour member and ground breaking side-projects followed such as Headfake, Jungle Funk, Masque, Vice.

Re-uniting for gigs and tours in recent years, Collideoscope has all the key ingredients that make up their classic sound, with a contemporary feel that we have come to expect from such an eclectic and accomplished band.

Tracklisting: Song Without Sin . A ? Of When . Operation Mind Control . Flying . In Your Name . Back In Black . Nightmare City . Lost Halo . Holy Roller . Great Expectations . Choices Mash Up . Happy Shopper . Pocket Of Tears . Sacred Ground . Tomorrow Never Knows . Nova

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